AccuGrade 演示站点

Personalized AccuGrade Demonstrations

新葡京博彩官网, 我们理解, prior to investing in the latest equipment technology, you often want to experience its value on a firsthand basis. That is why we offer dedicated AccuGrade 在米德兰的演示站点, 德州和塔尔萨, OK for equipment demonstrations and customer training opportunities. You’ll learn how to fully utilize the technology while gaining a thorough understanding of the AccuGrade system capabilities on a job site.

Our demo sites offer personalized 全球定位系统(GPS), laser, cross slope and sonic AccuGrade demonstrations. During your demonstration, we can provide a machine demonstrator/operator to further train you and your staff on the most efficient machine operating procedures. Additional off-site training is also available by request, as needed.

All the Resources You Need

新葡京博彩官网 provides you with the resources you need to need to make the important decisions about your machine control and guidance: locations to observe and learn the technology, 测试设备, and knowledgeable resources to help you and your operators become more productive.

呼叫 866-292-7736 or 在线新葡京博彩官网 to schedule an AccuGrade demonstration today!